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The role of lobbying today is much more than shaking hands and taking legislators to lunch. Lobbying today is creating strategies for clients that accomplish their goals in the ever-increasingly complex public sector.

Just as a business needs legal and accounting counsel that, in most cases, is outsourced, so too do businesses need assistance in dealing with the various governmental jurisdictions and agencies that play a large role in regulating commerce.

Hayes Dent Public Strategies is a full-service public affairs firm. Our team is comprised of experienced problem-solvers with a record of winning results. Together our team has nearly over thirty years of experience in both the federal and state governments, political campaigns, public relations, grassroots advocacy, economic development, traditional lobbying, crisis management and business development. Throughout that process, we have built a strong network of contacts throughout the state of Mississippi, in Washington, DC and around the country.

Put this experience to work for you and go…Beyond Lobbying

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Government Relations

We have deep experience in lobbying, legislative consulting, developing public relations strategy and policy, political messaging, and representing our clients in a complex political environment. We serve as much more than political and policy advocates. We can help your brand gain authority and leadership and build strategies to take advantage of trends in public policy decision-making. We will evaluate issues and use our thorough knowledge of the political process and solid subject-matter expertise to shape debate, and we will integrate our government relations strategies into your company’s complete marketing and public affairs campaigns. We can help establish your company’s leadership as a foundation for future outreach. We also know how to quickly communicate your company’s agenda and message to the right media sources when time is critical or in times of crises.

Government Relations Services

  • Campaign finance and election law
  • Crisis management and media relations
  • Economic and Community development
  • Energy policy
  • Environmental
  • Health care
  • Legislative matters
  • Political law and lobbying compliance
  • Procurement
  • State regulations
  • Tax Credit
  • Fiscal and Tax Policy